Fear Free Methods

We’re pleased to have several Fear Free Certified staff members on our Skokie team to offer low-stress visits for our patients. Anxiety is a very real problem for many pets, and we respect the fact that every patient we treat will have their own unique needs. Unlike us, our pets do not have the ability to make sense of their fears. However, we can reduce them by implementing Fear Free techniques during their appointments.


The Fear Free method entails creating an all-around more pleasant experience for pets and their owners when they visit. Measures our certified staff members take include:

  • Offering suggestions for preparing your pet for their vet visit—getting cats more comfortable with their carriers, helping dogs adjust to riding in vehicles. This may require the use of pheromone sprays or calming medications.
  • Having you limit your pet’s food intake before their appointment so they’ll be more receptive to treats during their visit.
  • Bringing owners and their pets into exam rooms right away so they’ll spend less time out in the lobby.
  • Fostering a more calming atmosphere in the exam room.
  • Examining pets in more comfortable locations, such as on the floor, in their carrier (with the lid off), or on their owner’s lap.
  • Gentle handling and restraint techniques.
  • Administering an oral Bordetella vaccine, as opposed to the more unpleasant intranasal option.

For more information about the practices our Fear Free Certified staff members utilize, give us a call at (847) 966-3080.

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