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Why Our Spay and Neuter Services Are Important

Preventing an animal’s natural ability to reproduce might seem unfair, but the consequences of uninhibited reproduction can be very damaging to pets. Stray animal overpopulation is one such consequence, along with cancer development and the spread of disease. The best way to reduce stray populations and protect our pets from potential infection is to spay and neuter our animals when they are young.

At Companion Animal Hospital of Skokie, spaying and neutering are more than surgical procedures. They are also preventive treatments that extend lives and reduce the number of homeless animals. Additionally, these surgeries give shelter animals a better chance of finding their forever home. Our hope is that through helping your pet, we can help countless others as well.

Dog lying on a couch with a puppy: Spay and Neuter in Skokie

So What Are the Benefits?

Male and female cats and dogs can all benefit from pet spay and neuter surgeries in the following ways:

  • Females will have no unwanted pregnancies
  • Females will not go into heat
  • Males will be less aggressive
  • Males and females will be less likely to roam off the property to mate
  • Females will not develop mammary or uterine cancers
  • Males will not develop testicular cancer or prostate issues
  • Females will not develop pyometra, a harmful uterine infection
Two cats playing on a tree: Spay and Neuter in Skokie

When To Have Your Pet Spayed or Neutered

Ultimately, the decision to spay or neuter your pet rests with you. Your veterinarian will help you understand the benefits and results of your pet’s surgery, and schedule them for an appropriate date. The ideal time to spay or neuter your pet is when they are between six and seven months old. At this age, your pet has had time to develop and is approaching sexual maturity. If your pet has been examined and found to be unhealthy, their surgery will need to be postponed.

Talk To Us

We value every opportunity we have to educate our clients and help them make informed, confident decisions. If you would like to consult with your veterinarian about spaying or neutering your pet, you’re welcome to call us at (847) 966-3080.

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